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AMIK Goes To School | SMAN 14 Bandung

The STMIK “AMIKBANDUNG” campus attended the Education Expo 2023 which was held at SMAN 14 Bandung School which is located at Jl. Yudawastu Pramuka IV No.4, Cicadas, Kec. Cibeunying Kidul, Bandung City on March 2, 2023. The Education Expo activity took place in the Field Area of SMAN 14 Bandung School. The activity was attended by students of class X/XI/XII, students can visit booths from universities to ask questions about the world of education.

STMIK “AMIKBANDUNG” attended the Education Expo at SMAN 14 Bandung together with STMIK “AMIKBANDUNG” students, with the aim of socializing the campus and sharing with students regarding the world of lectures and explaining facilities, study programs, campus activities and much more . The response given was very positive as seen from some of the activity of each student and they really felt helped by campus activities and information like this, because they could provide broader insights about the world of education in the future.