The STMIK “AMIKBANDUNG” campus as a tertiary institution is a source of information
and communication technology expertise in providing workers in the world of creative industries (digital talent). Contributing to improving the quality of life of the community through the dissemination of knowledge, information and communication technology
to solve problems faced by the community.

Amik Update

Informatics Engineering

This study program produces graduates who are able to plan, design and implement an integrated system to solve information technology problems in various fields.

Information Systems

The Information Systems (IS) study program is a study program that studies how to design the right system based on organizational or company goals in accordance with business needs and processes.

DKV Specialization Program

This study program produces scholars who are able to make animation and digital comics so they can compete in the world of national and international television.

Student organizations

A student organization is an organization consisting of students to accommodate the talents, interests and potential of students who are carried out in co- and extra-curricular activities which are divided into several UKM or student activity units.

Activity Units Student



The STMIK “AMIKBANDUNG” campus has collaborated with several companies to support campus and student activities.